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a classic stands for itself, it is something you can rely on.
That´s exactly the case with our MA-1 bomber jacket.
Its iconic design is both utilitarian and fashionable:
while it was originally conceived to provide potentially life-saving support for fighter pilots (who have to withstand more bone-crushing G-forces than an average youth center on Open Mic Rap Night), it has since gone beyond the confines of military apparel to become a staple of fashion, inspiring artists and designers alike.
The MA-1 is not only a jacket, but also a canvas for your imagination, offering endless possibilites to you, the wearer.
A true classic, the MA-1 is made to last.
Its nylon shell is both flexible yet robust, while its iconic orange lining provides the comfort.
Whatever you´re planning to do with it, it´s ready.
But please don´t get overexcited and try to fly an F-16.
Ok? Thanks.

Features Alpha industries MA-1 ZH Back Print Puffer FD Jacket

  • Hood: With hood
  • Closure type: Zippers
  • Color: White
  • Zipper length: Full zipper