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- Waterproof leather and nylon upper with waterproof gusset tongue
- 200g of 200B 3MTM ThinsulateTM insulation
- Moisture wicking fleece lining

- Removable Kamik Comfort EVA insole with odour-eliminating treatment

- Waterproof and flexible synthetic rubber shell
- Heel counter lug for easy removal and snowshoe strap retention
- ICEKISS dual-density, non-marking, synthetic rubber outsole


- NET WEIGHT: 1074 g per pair
- HEIGHT: 25.5 cm


3M TM Thinsulate TM Insulation:
- Developed by 3M TM , this innovative microfiber insulation provides a large surface area that traps body heat. It delivers warmth two times more effectively than down or any other polyester insulation when equal thickness is compared.

- This technology makes boots practically impenetrable to snow and moisture without adding any weight to the footwear. By specially treating our -leathers and nylons, then using waterproof tapes and sealants to cover every seam. So feet stay safe and dry.

- Our comfort temperature ratings give your consumers the confidence of knowing they’re buying the winter boots that are perfectly suited for their unique needs. Our boots are tested internally to meet our high standards and then again at an independent facility to verify that they can withstand their certified temperatures.

The science of temperature testing:
- To determine the temperature rating, a sensor is placed in the toe of the boot, followed by a prosthetic foot and leg to mimic the typical airflow. Next, the boot is placed in a specially designed freezer, and the temperature is gradually decreased. When the inner sensor hits the temperature that’s considered too cold for comfort, we know which rating to assign to the boot. Keep in mind that the temperature rating varies based on the level of activity, sock fit and perception of the consumer.

Features Kamik Snowgem Snow Boots

  • Color: Brown
  • Cut: High cut
  • Features: Waterproof