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Razor Hovertrax brings you a little closer to the future. Thanks to the gyrotropic sensor, it enjoys smooth walks and perfect maneuverability. You will experience how it adapts perfectly to each movement of your body, allowing you to rotate 360º in its place. In addition, its dual electric motor is able to offer more than 115 minutes of futuristic fun.

Step into the new Razer Hovertrax and step into the future riding with this innovative self-balancing scooter. With gyro sensor technology for a very smooth ride, similar on-board float, the Hovertrax razor stays in perfect sync with every movement. Glide smoothly, rotate 360 ??degrees in place or light a penny with a simple change of your foot. The Hovertrax razor has double hub electric motors that provides smooth, quiet power for up to 115 minutes of futuristic fun.

Technical specifications:

- Max: 220 lb.
- Speed: 10 km / h.
- Weight of the product: 8 kg.
- Front tire of 13-inch cleats.
- Battery: 115 minutes of continuous use.
- Weight Supported: 100 kg.
- Housing made of impact resistant reinforced polymer.
- Age: 13+.
- Lithium Ion fast charge battery.
- Battery power indicator, balance level indicator and charger included.
- Decoration of products and specifications subject to change without prior notice.
- No assembly required.

Features Razor Hovertrax Two Wheels Hoverboard

  • Color: Blue
  • Range: 11-15 km